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The Revelation

Updated: Jan 19

She sits nervously in the Broker’s lounge in Oribos, quaffing a small carafe of her favorite wine. Tandreli Dawnglow can’t remember a time when she was more nervous, except for maybe the last time she had audience with Highlord Bolvar. This evening she was to meet with a figure of as great importance to her, her cousin, Allarae Dawnglow, the holy paladin of great renown from Bastion.

A few more memories of Tandreli’s before-life had surfaced recently – great stories of Allarae’s travels and education in Dalaran under the Kirin Tor. Those stories inspired Tandreli to focus even more on her swordplay, to become the fiercest warrior in the Quel’Thalas militia, so that stories could be told of her at the dinner table, too. Then the tender memories of how kind and compassionate Allarae was to her in their more youthful days stir up and envelope Tandreli. The scents of fanciful perfumes, exotic makeup, the “boy talk” and giggling. Yes. As much as Father had forged Tandy to be a soldier, Allarae gently allowed her to be a young woman.

“Tandreli?” Allarae questioned as she approached the table. “Why the dark and foreboding clothing? The last time I saw you, you were in the most regal court attire. Is something amiss?” “Just more memories from my before-life, cousin. Trying to sort out who I am and why. How goes the war?” Tandreli inquires.

“It goes, I suppose,” replies Allarae heaving a sigh. “My group has been removed from the Sanctum and is now attacking the Jailer’s forces from another front. There are many strongholds in the Shadowlands that need be cleared of Zovaal’s influence. And you?”

Tandreli excitedly perks, “My detail is still in the Sanctum closing in on Banshee Queen herself! I grow anxious for my blade to taste Sylvanas’ blood.”

“No doubt,” Allarae cautiously speaks. “But do be careful. The closer you get to her, the more perilous things become. She did not become Ranger General at one time by playing the fool. You would be wise to use as much caution that avails you. So did you wish me here to talk of war and battle or was there something else?”

Tandreli pauses thoughtfully and begins to speak haltingly, “I-uh err was hop-ing you could speak to me of home? Would you be so kind as to tell me of the family and Merellien and what happened with him?”

“Well,” Allarae pauses. “I’ve only heard bit and pieces but I believe Merellien wed and had a good life raising many children. I think your brother, Tanald, had retired from the militia not long ago andddd Avourel and Alea are now proud grandparents!”

“Hmmmppphh,” snorted Tandreli, “At least they can be proud of something, I suppose.” “Stop Tandreli,” chided Allarae. “It is not appropriate to speak of your parents so! You do not understand how they had suffered after the war.” “I suffered in my before-life at my father’s hand!” exclaimed the death knight as cold flame erupted from what was once her eyes, piercing her cousin’s soul. “He did not want a daughter, only another son to proudly carry his name in the militia. He denied my passion for music and thrust me in an apprenticeship for which I had no desire!”

“Listen to yourself, Tandy!” Allarae contested. “Such nonsense. You became the most feared and honored swordsman of the militia. Had you not been so zealous in bloodlust, you would have easily made a fine paladin. Avourel constantly spoke to Father of how if he had known his daughter were so fierce, he would have let his sons till the soil!”

“Bah,” scorned Tandreli, “Father scolded me away and my mother fled my sight when I returned. They were ashamed and horrified at me. I was told that I was dishonoring my own memory…” Just then, something akin to tears welled up in Tandreli’s eye sockets, something that she had neither experienced nor had Allarae seen from her cousin before.

“Tandy, you… I think you’re crying!” Allarae said in amazement.

“I…I…I suppose I am,” Tandreli sobbed. “I guess even born in undeath, a knight can still feel the pain of a broken heart. I relive that memory often, Allarae and it causes me so much pain here,” spoke Tandreli as she tapped her chest.

Allarae was quite torn at this moment, for she felt she knew why Avourel and Alea had spurned Tandreli the day she returned home. The question was to comfort her and let the past alone or tell her the truth that she obviously was not aware.

Allarae reached across the table gently clasping Tandreli’s hands. “My they ARE chilly aren’t they? Hahaha. Tandy, I think you should know something about your parents, something they never spoke of to you. You had TWO brothers, not just one. I overheard Mother and Father talking at the table one evening about cousin Allenar and how tragic a loss he was to your parents.” “You see, Avourel was able to move forward after losing his first son as they had a proper burial and grieving. When they thought you had died in the war, there was no body to be found, no chance to say goodbye. They were most likely devastated beyond words.”

“The picture!” Tandreli piped. “That was the young elf I saw in the family picture I remembered. The one Father told me to not speak of. The young elf was Allenar then!”

“Aye, most likely,” reflected Allarae. “I’m sorry I do not know more about him but at least this is a start. Your parents were never ashamed of you, Tandy but rather shocked that they saw a daughter they never got to say goodbye to.”

Tandreli rises from the table, giving Allarae a warm hug, “Thank you cousin. This has enlightened me so much as to who I am. I think my next journey will be home.”

“Of course,” Allarae softly replies, “I am no stranger to enlightenment. Be safe and may the light guide you, Tandy.”

“As long as it doesn’t burn too much, cousin!” chortles Tandreli. “And beware of shady gnomes in dark alleys, right?”

“Always, cousin,” grins Allarae. “Always.”

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